Separation, Divorce, Empty Nest & Life Transitions

Life transitions impact everyone. Perhaps you are grieving the loss of someone you love. Maybe you’ve recently gotten a divorce, or your children are grown and no longer part of your daily life. You may find yourself one day grieving the loss of opportunities, of not having a child, of suffering a miscarriage. Our lives don’t always turn out the way we’ve envisioned them, and sometimes that can be incredibly difficult to accept. Sometimes life throws us curveballs. We need to be able to effectively respond to these circumstances. At times, this can be incredibly stressful. Transitions can shake our identities, and may cause us to feel anxious, depressed, angry, or insecure. Perhaps you don’t feel like you have the tools to cope with whatever it is you’re dealing with. You may regress emotionally, or (temporarily) lose some capacity to handle everyday life.

How can I cope more effectively with challenging life transitions?

These circumstances do not need to define us, nor undermine us. While transitions may sometimes make us feel “smaller,” it doesn’t have to be that way. Transitions can be an opportunity for you to become even more of your best self, as opposed to being crippled by the stress of uncertainty. It’s about building resilience, or the ability to bounce back; to continue to succeed, and have healthy relationships.

Our team at Four Corners is personally and professionally seasoned in dealing with many of life’s transitions, and we can help you to navigate the challenges and truly be better for it. Four Corners offers you a safe space to discern your next steps, and debrief on your experiences so they do not become traumatic and overwhelm you. We can help create a narrative for your transition from a place of confidence, well-being and strength.

There is no right or wrong way to go through a transition.

We are here to help you find your way to do it.