Couples Therapy

It’s not easy being a couple. Sex. Finances. Kids. Communication. There are a myriad of reasons a couple’s relationship could use work. Research shows that on average, couples wait six years from the first signs of problems before they seek help. Don’t wait! Our team is here to support your relationship and to help you thrive. We draw on a number of well-regarded, evidence-based couples therapy models, with Internal Family Systems (IFS) for couples being the foundation.

Why couples therapy?

Couples counseling can be beneficial for partners in a variety of situations. Sex, money, and in-laws tend to be common conflicts that cause couples to begin therapy. Some couples have the same fights over and over. They need assistance sorting out their issues and learning to more clearly communicate their needs. Another frequent focus is transitions. This could include preparing for a baby, dealing with parent death, job changes, or addictions.

Couples also come to counseling to make a good thing better. They use counseling to become an even stronger team. This includes improving intimacy communication, breaking patterns that are holding the couple back, deepening their capacity to tolerate difference and navigate conflict, and creating distinct boundaries from the families of origin.

No matter what brings you and your partner to couples counseling, we will help you to develop more tools and resources to use at home to improve your relationship.

What happens in couples therapy?

Couples therapy includes both partners and the therapist. Our focus is on intimacy from the inside out. We strive to make sessions inclusive. No one is the bad guy! The client is the couple, and we will help each of you bring your best self to the work during sessions. Our team can accommodate  the needs of both members of the couple, including serving as an individual and couples therapist, or dividing that role among members of our team.

What if you’re ready…but your partner isn’t?

Unfortunately you cannot force your partner into therapy. If you are distressed about your relationship, consider starting with individual therapy. Going to therapy on your own can help you to get clear about what is and is not working in your relationship, and help you to find your voice in areas of conflict and concern. It’s a great start.


I see Kelly for individual therapy, and Hetty for couples counseling. These ladies really know what they are doing! While each are different people, with unique talents and perspectives, their approach as a practice is cohesive and
supportive. I am able to bring the tools that I am developing as an individual into my couple’s work, where they are supported and integrated.
— Topaz in Washington